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Raw Material: Sermorelin

Manufacturer: LIFETECH LABS

Package: 10 vials (1.8mg per vial)

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Product details

1 box of 10×1.8mg vials, each vial contains 1.8mg Sermorelin

Molecule: Sermorelin
Purity: 99.10%
Laboratory: Lifetech Labs
Form: Subcutaneous Injection
Concentration: 1.8 mg / vial
Presentation: 10 Vials of 1.8 mg
Recommended dosage: 300 mcg 2 times daily (before breakfast and before bedtime)
Dilution: Use 2 ml sterilized water
Doses per vial: * 6 doses of 300 mcg (1 vial for 3 days)
Dose injection: 300 mcg = 0.33ml (33 units in insulin syringe)

Sermorelin Acetate, also known as GRF 1-29, is a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) produced by the brain that stimulates the production and release of Growth Hormone (GH).
According to scientific study based on animal test subjects, it has been determined that Sermorelin works in conjunction with the pituitary gland, the pea-sized gland located at the base of the brain that is responsible for regulating several endocrine system-related processes. Specifically, it works to increase the stimulation of pituitary-based secretions that relate to the growth of muscular and skeletal tissue. The up-regulation that results in this ultimately allows an animal test subject to experience a level of homeostasis on a more efficient basis.
The Sermorelin will act with positive effects on sleep, fat loss, lean mass gain, and immune system improvement. 

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