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Raw Material: PEG-MGF

Manufacturer: LIFETECH LABS

Package: 10 vials (1mg per vial)

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1 box of 10×1mg vials, each vial contains 1mg PEG-MGF (Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor)

Molecule: PEG-MGF
Purity: 99.05%
Laboratory: Lifetech Labs
Form: Subcutaneous Injection
Concentration: 1 mg / vial
Presentation: 10 vials of 1mg

PEG-MGF, a longer acting version of regular MGF, is a very potent inducer of muscle growth. PEG-MGF has been shown to be effective for site-enhancement by stimulating muscle cells following weights training as well as having overall systematic effects throughout the body. It causes these muscle cells in trauma to split, creating new muscle cells, resulting in muscle growth beyond genetic capabilities.

Purpose: PEG-MGF is a gene-spliced version of IGF-1, and quite simply a longer acting form of MGF. PEG-MGF holds up longer in the body and is said to have systematic effects (entire body) as well as local effects (site enhancement). Following a training session, PEG-MGF (IGF-1ec) defines muscle cells in trauma, puts them to work and tells them what to do. The result is the growth of new muscle cells, and an increase in the size of these cells through nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.

How Does PEG-MGF Differ from Regular MGF? It has been said that regular MGF is so short acting that it may be broken down too quickly even when used for site enhancement. By Pegylating MGF, it enhances its half-life making it more resistant to being metabolized that it can work on a systematic level as well as a local level.

PEG-MGF can be taken with a GHRP such as GHRP-2 ou GHRP-6, Ipamorelin or to increase the recovery IGF-1 LR3. 

Useful for: Site-enhancement and systematic purposes through increased lean muscle and fat loss

Possible Benefits: PEG-MGF stimulates muscle growth (hypertrophy); increases the rate of muscle growth from training; rapid repair of existing muscle cells; increases in the number of muscle cells (hyperplasia); reduces protein breakdown; increases the rate & extent of muscle repair after injury

Consumption Method 1: Localized injection directly into the muscle immediately post-workout

Consumption Method 2: Subcutaneous injection into layer of fat

Preparation for Injection: Add 1ml (100 IU) of sterile solution to the PEG-MGF vial. Every 200mcg is then equal to 0.2ml (20 IU).

Dosage 1: 200mcg (20 IU) of PEG-MGF split bilaterally between muscles just trained i.e. 100mcg left side, 100mcg right side

Dosage 2: 200mcg (20 IU) of PEG-MGF is to be injected into abdominal fat

Doses per Vial: 5 x 200mcg doses (5 doses per vial)

When to Inject: PEG-MGF (IGF-1ec) is best administered immediately post-workout

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