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Raw Material: Melanotan 2

Manufacturer: LIFETECH LABS

Package: 10 vials (1.8mg per vial)

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Product details

1 pack of 10×1.8mg vials, each vial contains 1.8 mg Melanotan 2

Molecule: Melanotan 2
Purity: 99.30%
Laboratory: Lifetech Labs
Form: Subcutaneous Injection
Concentration: 1.8 mg / vial
Presentation: 10 vials of 1.8mg

Melanotan 2 functions by stimulating the release of the pigment melanin within the skin.Less UV exposure is necessarywith Melanotan 2 in comparison to “normal tanning”, and the tan occurring with tanning injections is deeper and longer lasting than an individual’s “normal tan”. Melanotan is best suited (has the most obvious effects) on those with fair skin tones.

Useful for: Fair-skinned people; those who wish to have a healthy brown tan all year round with minimum UV ray exposure.

Side effects: Side effects: Adverse reactions for Melanotan 2 include nausea, appetite loss, facial flushing and improved libido. Side effects usually are mild and tend to diminish over time. Some research recommends nausea can be lowered by injecting MT-II after dinner or before bed. Athletes and bodybuilders have injected peptides like Melanotan 2 occasionally to prolong their tan since a tan aided by Melanotan can last 2-3 times as long as a normal tan. Like other peptides, Melanotan is a fragile molecule, therefore melanotan nasal sprays, pre-mixed peptides, pills, oral and loose powder are not often legit.

Consumption Method: Subcutaneous injection into fat

Preparation for Injection: Add 1ml (100 IU) of sterile solution to the MT 2 vial.

Daily Dosage: If you weigh 50kg inject 0.03mL (3 IU) daily, 75kg inject 0.05mL (5 IU) daily, 100kg inject 0.07mL (7 IU) daily.

Doses per Vial: 30 -14 doses depending on your weight

When to Inject: Melanotan II is to be injected into abdominal fat just before you go to sleep.

Storage: Melanotan II is stable at room temperature for 90 days, It should be stored in a freezer for any extended period of time.

Final thoughts: Melanotan not a medication or cure for anything. Nor should it be considered a protection treatment to skin cancer. Despite this tanning peptide being recognized by protect the skin through the natural sun tanning process, it is not in and itself a certain full proof UV shield. However it is a good way for those who don't bronze easily for getting sun-kissed all year round with minimal exposure to the sun.
You should be careful and start with recommended dosages and avoid any direct heavy sun light. 

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