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Out of logistic optimization reasons, we ship from different warehouses from different countries. Therefore please try to choose products/brands accordingly to optimize your shipping costs. Due to guarantee the safest processing, each warehouse has different timing of sending out packages ... and therefore accordingly timing for providing tracking numbers and delivery times. Please first check below given dates for providing tracking numbers and delivery time !! Due to the high occupation of our Support Team, please do not ask us regarding TN and delivery issues, before these dates are exceeded. All packages will get delivered !! ... even if for any reason not, we reship the order once for free according our reship policy !!

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (Shipping to all countries worldwide) International Warehouse 1 (regular and courier shipping available) Products in Stock: ALL PHARMA GRADE PRODUCTS Delivery Time :   regular post: 10-31 days (average 14-21 days), Courier Shipping: 4-7 days Tracking Numbers : upto 4 days International Warehouse 2 (only regular postal shipping) Products in Stock: Dragon Pharma, Maha Pharma, Genshi Labs, Singani Pharma Delivery Time :   10-31 days (average 14-21 days)
Tracking Numbers : upto 6 days

International Warehouse 3 (only regular postal shipping) Products in Stock: ZPHC Pharma, Spectrum Pharma, Balkan Pharma Delivery Time :  10-31 days (average 14-21 days)
Tracking Numbers : upto 6 days

SHIPPING FROM EUROPE: (EU Domestic shipping & shipping from EU to all countries worldwide, only regular postal shipping) (no customs controls to EU addresses !!) EU Warehouse 1 (EU DOMESTIC ONLY) Products in Stock: Dragon Pharma Delivery Time :  EU Domestic: 14-28 days
Tracking Numbers : upto 6 days

EU Warehouse 2 (WORLDWIDE SHIPPING TO ALL COUNTRIES) Products in Stock: Para Pharma, AASTER Delivery Time :    EU Domestic: 7-14 days, International: 10-31 days
Tracking Numbers : upto 6 days

US DOMESTIC SHIPPING: (No customs controls !! Only for US addresses !!) US Warehouse 1 Products in Stock: ZPHC Pharma, Spectrum Pharma Delivery Time :    2 - 5 days
US Warehouse 2 Products in Stock: Dragon Pharma Delivery Time :   15 - 20 days   Important Note to Dragon Pharma US shipping from warehouse 2: Out of safety reasons, Dragon Pharma can not ship out every day from their US warehouse, they can ship a certain amount of packages on days, when security and safety is given to ship. Plus the high demand of Dragon Pharma products from their US warehouse sometimes can lead to delays, as just a certain amount of packages can be shipped. The average delivery time is 15 days, but sometimes the delivery time exceeds up to 20 days. Tracking numbers become active, after the package is in the delivery process. So if the tracker status is "shipping label created" that means that the package is packed and ready for shipment. This status can stay unchanged up to 15 days. The status then changes after the package is finally in the USPS distribution. Once in distribution, the packages get delivered in 2-3 days. All packages get delivered safe and sound. But keep in mind, that the delivery from warehouse 2 can take in some cases up to 20 days.
The main reason for US Domestic Shipping is that there are no customs controls !! Dragon Pharma offers this alternative for customers, who do not want to order international and do not need their products urgently, but still want to have the opportunity to order Dragon Pharma's high quality products, without having the risk of customs controls.

If you need a fast delivery, please order the products from our US warehouse 1, with a delivery time of 2-5 days.

Or you can order Dragon Pharma products form their international warehouses.


Regular Postal Shipping
Price: $25

Express Shipping (EMS)
Price: $59

Courier Shipping (only for Pharma Grade Products)(UPS, DHL, TNT etc.)
Price: $85

We ship thousands of our products worldwide each month in a secure way:

- All products are wrapped very discreet and tightly.
- Different package types and varieties are used, we choose the optimal one for your destination.
- The products will be sent in tightly wrapped envelopes, If the package weight is over 500 gr., we use automatically an extra envelope for safe shipping and customs passing.
- Original boxes are used, You have to inform us, if you want different boxes
- Orders are sent from various warehouses worldwide.

We continuously track our sent packages and analyze all different shipping methods and ways. We always provide the safest shipping methods and change them accordingly.

- Regular Postal Shipping : $25 

- Express Shipping (EMS) : $59 

- Courier Shipping (UPS, DHL, ARAMEX, TNT etc.) : $85 

For many years we send our products all over the world and we are can insure 95 % delivery rates. 
US Domestic Shipping to US addresses and EU Domestic shipping to EU addresses do not pass customs !! Delivery Rate is 100%

We continuously track our sent packages and analyze all different shipping methods and ways. We always provide the safest shipping methods and change them accordingly.

Shipping by Regular Post WITHOUT Requirement of Signature at Arrival of the package is only possible for these product groups:

All Pharma Grade Products 
Para Pharma 

This is especially needed in some countries for safe passing the customs (Canada, Australia) or in cases when you are not at home to take the package, for example if you are in holiday or not at home in the daytime. You just have to leave a note that you want a "shipment without signature" In case a package without signature is seized, we must get the seizure letter from you, otherwise we can not reship the package.

If your package is sent by Courier / Express Shipping (UPS, TNT, ARAMEX, FEDEX, EMS) then a signature is definately required from you when the package arrives.

Please check exact delivery time of each warehouse in point "How do you ship"

In general, delivery times are:

Regular Postal Shipping
Worldwide: 7-31 days (average 14-21 days)
EU Domestic : 7-28 days
US Warehouse 1 (ZPHC, Spectrum): 2-5 days
US Warehouse 2 (Dragon Pharma):  15-20 days

Express Shipping (EMS)
Worldwide: 7-14 days

Courier Shipping (UPS, DHL, TNT, ARAMEX etc.)
Worldwide: 2-5 days

We provide a tracking number with each shipment. All packages have an individual tracking number.

The timing, when a tracking number gets delivered, varies from each different warehouse. You can check this in point "How do you ship"
Please do not ask us for for a tracking number, before the given timing to provide the tracking number is exceeded.

After we receive the tracking number we will immediately send it to you. Please have patience to wait some days for the tracking number, 

You can track your tracking number here: or here:

Your tracking number might be active several days later, that is normal. Your package will be delivered within the given time frame.

The last status message in the tracker (while the package is in transit) is aways the last status message of the sender country. A new status message will only be added to the tracker, when the package arrived and is processed in the destination country. So please don't feel confused, if your package is already several days in transit, but the tracker still shows a status message form the sender country. That is normal.

Maximum delivery times / TAs are given in point "How do you ship"
Longer customs processing times are possible, that does not mean, that a package got seized.
Please do not contact us for a reship request, before the max. delivery time is exceeded.

1) If your order does not come in time within the given maximum delivery time dates, we will follow up and check the reason of the delay. If your order exceeds 20 days for Express shipping and 31 days for regular post shipping, we will reship your order once free of charge.

2) If your package is lost or seized by the customs, we can check this from the tracker status info or you send us the seizure letter. In this case we re-ship the order once free of charge. In case a package was sent without need to sign, we can not track the package, then we can reship the package just, if you send us the seizure letter.

Yes, we reship seized packages 100% once free of charge.

In case a package gets seized you need to send us the seizure letter, if the seizure is not clear understandable from the tracking status.

We do not reship to the following high risk countries: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Israel, Scandinavian Countries and Germany (EU Domestic shipments included).